“Bracli is sensuality, elegance and appealing to men and women that enjoy sex naturally…

for women who are looking for space to explore their sexuality without being judged and for their companions to love them.”

For those of you who watched ‘Sex in the City’ the name may be familier to you, as Bracli is the company behind the wonderful Pearl G-String that Samantha found so “stimulating”!

Made of high quality lace, all of the Bracli range features at least one string of nacre pearls, from Manacor and are hand-made in Spain.

The pearls are attached at the front and rear of each garment, positioned not only to look fabulous but also to feel great too! The soft, silky touch of pearl on ‘intimate skin’ is accentuated by movement which produces a gentle massage effect – no wonder some women prefer to walk when wearing Bracli, rather than take a Taxi!

With “Bracli & G“, Bracli have created what is possibly the most sensual and erotic piece of lingerie you will find anywhere.

We all know just how wonderful Bracli feels on the outside but Bracli & G takes that feeling even further, with a string of nacre pearls that are designed to be worn inside, where they can massage the “G-Spot” and bring a level of pleasure that every woman will simply adore!

Give your partner Bracli lingerie and she will love you forever.

Treat yourself and Bracli will make you feel like you have never felt before. There is something wildly sensuous and decadent about wearing Bracli – and only you will know…

Bracli-Lingerie.com is not affiliated to the Bracli company in any way, other than to sell their wonderful lingerie.